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  • 910 East Chatham Street Cary, NC - Cary

    Property Owner of 910 E CHATHAM ST, CARY NC 27511-6919
    is listed as: OGLE, CARROLL G & SHEILA H per:

    Wake County Real Estate Data Account Summary
    Real Estate ID 0027677 PIN # 0774226619
    Owner's Mailing Address - 215 S ACADEMY ST CARY NC 27511-3328
    Property Location Address - 910 E CHATHAM ST CARY NC 27511-6919

    But yet a James Copp is claiming the property as belonging to him and claims he lives there

  • North Harrison Avenue Cary, NC - Cary
    When will Wake County crack down on illegal homeless camps ?
  • 9501 Chapel Hill Rd Cary, NC 27513, USA - Cary
    There is about 100 yards with no sidewalk and people are always walking on the road.. Me included with my stroller.with new target coming it will get worse
  • 1298 Buck Jones Road Raleigh, NC - Cary
    Lighthouse Food Mart in our neighbhorhood has added "decorative" neon lights to the window frames of their store, facing the street. It's rather tacky looking and we'd like to know if it's permissable on the front of a business in this area? Thank you.
  • 5415 Highcroft Dr Cary, NC 27519, Cary, North Carolina - Cary

    There is a very loud high-pitched noise coming from one of the air conditioning units at Highcroft Drive ES. This noise is so loud that I have to keep the music on in my house in order to drown it out. I don't want my kids to play in my backyard because I worry that it causes an ear problem. I stay at home, it has already developed a constant ringing in my ear. It's a health hazard and needs to be fixed.

    According to Cary ordinance, it's Illegal when the noise is over 60 decibel. When I measured the sound level, the lowest noise level was 57 dB and the maximum noise level was 63 dB. The neighborhood has voiced the complaint with school system, but they ignored it, saying that they measured the sound level at under 60 dB.

  • 708 Brunswick Place Cary, NC 27513, USA - Cary
    Three or four commercial vehicles are parked on this residential street overnight, all the time.
  • Sw Maynard Rd Cary, NC - Cary
    Why is the speed limit 35 miles an hour on a 5 lane road here? It is 45 on Walnut Street, one of the busiest roads in Cary. I don't understand.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    5630 Dillard Drive Cary, NC 27518, USA - Cary
    This stretch of the Dillard Dr. has potholes almost all year.
  • 107 Heidinger Dr. Cary, North Carolina - Cary
    A black Ford Explorer NC license no. SPD 1140. I think the tag is expired, but the truck has obviously not moved one inch in 3 years.
  • 8000 Ten Ten Rd Apex, NC - Cary
    The combination of the recent changes to the traffic pattern and timing of the light at Ten Ten and Fayetteville Rd cause afternoon rush-hour traffic (around 5:30-6:30pm) to back up as far as one mile down Ten Ten Rd. This has been an issue for the past 4-6 weeks and has been getting worse.
  • 1508 N Harrison Ave Cary, NC 27513, USA - Cary
    This center divider tip needs to be painted bright yellow ASAP. Some southbound Harrison drivers coming to Cary Aca. don't see that CA's entrance is divided and turn into the south exit lane. Possibly a "center divider/traffic to the right" sign too is required.
  • Davis Drive Cary, NC - Cary
    Due to the proliferation of new lights on Davis, the road has become stop and go practically every few hundred feet during rush hour (4:30-6 pm). Could the Town please work with Morrisville to time the lights during this period when 99% of traffic is going south on Davis? I have seen one car form a subdivision stop the whole flow of traffic on Davis. This road could really move traffic a lot better with some simple planning during this key period of time.